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RMOD - B&B - Old People In Chairs

August 22nd, 2019

Don't let the name fool you. Old People In Chairs is three legendary Memphis artists. Danny Green, Reba & Wayne Russell working together to make some great Memphis music. In this episode, you'll hear how they came together plus how they have played with so many different artists throughout the years. At one point, they were in the business of making commercial jingles. Some of which we are sure you have heard. These three came down to the Radio Memphis studios for an appearance on the Booze & Blues show to tell stories and sing some songs. It's all right here. Listen now.


RMOD - B&B - Jimmy Crosthwait

August 22nd, 2019

Jimmy Crosthwait from Mud Boy & The Neutrons spent some time on the air at Radio Memphis recently. Jimmy came in with some rare recordings he was a part of and he spoke quite a bit about the days with Mud Boy & The Neutrons even explaining just where the name of the band came from. Along the way, he talks about his youth as a child actor. Later, he was a puppeteer and a sculpter. He stills plays, these days with Sons of Mud Boy at various places around Memphis. There are a lot of great stories here and some fantastic music that hasn't seen the light of day in a very long time and it is all right here in this special edition of the Booze & Blues. 

RMOD - B&B - Lawrence Morris

August 11th, 2019

A little departure from the usual blues fare happens here. Morris Lawrence from The Total Package band paid us a visit to talk about the Memphis funk scene. You are in for quite a ride. Lawrence has played with quite the list of players, including Bootsy Collins. There is so much to that story and Morris will explain in this episode. Also in the studio, the new vocalist for The Total Package, Sunshine came along to talk about her start in show business. Along the way, you'll hear some cuts from their current CD, Unpacked. Listen now.



RMOD - Special Presentation - Tony Manard CD Release

August 11th, 2019

Tony Manard & The Big Ole Band have a brand new CD out called Thanks, Y'all! To celebrate this new disc, Tony brought it down to Radio Memphis for a special listening party on the air. In this On Demand feature, you'll hear some selected cuts from the new disc and some great stories as told by Tony and Brian Mulhearn (Big Ole Band guitarist). Plus, you'll hear some of the plans Tony has for the band and other news from his world. Listen now. 

To get the disc and to see videos and more, head HERE.

RMOD - Special Programming - The Heavyweight Chumps

August 11th, 2019

Mattox & Thundercookies dropped into the Radio Memphis studios for a quick chat before another show. While they were there, Ric sat down with them for a brief interview about their podcast and something they were working on before their arrival. It's a few minutes with The Heavyweight Chumps. Listen now.


RMOD - B&B - Tlaxica & Pope

August 2nd, 2019

Memphis representatives of the solo/duo entrants of the recent International Blues Challenge, Tlaxica & Pope dropped into the Radio Memphis studios on their way to an appearance in Austin, Texas. They have a brand new EP out now and during their appearance on the Booze & Blues they presented a few of the cuts from the new disc as well as a great live performance the way it happened live on the air. Listen now.


RMOD - B&B - The Memphis Snake Doctors

August 2nd, 2019

Long time Memphis blues act, The Memphis Snake Doctors dropped back into the broadcast studio for an appearance on the Booze & Blues. It was one of those nights where Studio B went from a radio broadcast spot to an all out juke joint. These guys always put on a good show and here it is for your listening pleasure. Listen now.

RMOD - B&B - Cam Kimbrough

August 2nd, 2019

The long musical traditions of the Kimbrough family continue with the younger Cam. Like a lot of younger musicians discovering the blues, Cam came about it through more modern music. That road, as it often does, lead Cam Kimbrough right back into the family tradition. On a recent appearance on the Booze & Blues, Cam and his friend Damion Yella P Pearson put on a clinic regarding North Mississippi Hill Country and Cotton Patch blues styles. Hear it all right here. 

RMOD - Rob Youells - Life On Air #3 - June 2019

July 23rd, 2019

Dianna calls Rob [Youells] to check in to talk about progressing plans with his new band, Evolution Empire, and finds out things have considerably progressed into securing members from Hell Yeah, Danzig, Fear Factory, to finishing up making a music video, to locking down a spot on the later part of a tour with Life Of Agony in Europe and possibly picking up some dates in Australia.
In the process, they reminiscence for a few moments about how their friendship started from their initial interview together.  As their conversation progresses, Dianna calls Rob a "task manager", which leads them both into talking about making lifestyle changes, what it takes to move forward, and how to taking care of yourself is the most important thing to be successful. They even end up defining the Law of Attraction.
Dianna admits to Rob that she was inspired by a secret that he had shared with her off-air to take inventory of herself and realizes how her choices in past experiences might have affected her own life's path. What was the secret? Rob's 4th grade heartbreak.
When they were first introduced, she thought he was just a drummer and he probably thought she was just an on-air jock. Since then, they have gotten to know each other a little better. Now they find themselves randomly checking in with the other to see what’s going on.  As time progresses on, not only do they share fantastic tips and advice about the entertainment business, Rob and D share more and more of how the industry and their environments impact their personal lives and they wind up talking about Life On Air.
Did you miss this? Listen now to Episode 3.

RMOD - B&B - Tullie Brae

July 12th, 2019

Midsouth musician Tullie Brae spent an evening in the Booze & Blues studio with her brand new album Revelation. She made this disc with some help from another Radio Memphis friend, Mick Kolassa. While she was on the air, she tells the story about how the record was made with stories from the studio. Also, she talks a bit about her songwriting process. By the way, this preacher's daughter knows her way around a keyboard as you will hear in this episode. She gave a heartfelt performance on the air and you will hear it all in this Radio Memphis On Demand exclusive.

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