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RMOD - Ric & ElJay and The Anal Acupuncturist

October 16th, 2021

Recently, Ric & ElJay had a discussion about a South Korean politician who has been trying to distance himself from a man who has a rather unsavory job. By western standards, that is. In this clip taken from Radio Memphis in The Morning, the two have a rather in depth talk about the benefits (such as they may be) of having one's anus acupunctured. 

RMOD - Ryan Lee Crosby

October 15th, 2021

Boston blues artist Ryan Lee Crosby stops by the studio to have a chat and play some tunes with Ric & ElJay during The Nooner on Radio Memphis in The Morning.

RMOD - Chilly Bill & Angela Barksdale

October 15th, 2021

Artist Chilly Bill and Orange Mound activist Angela Barksdale took part in an episode of the Nooner with Ric & ElJay durn Radio Memphis in the Morning. There is talk regarding the celebration of one of Memphis' oldest communities along with plans for building and improving the area. Also, Chilly Bill talks about some of his music of which you'll hear on this clip.

RMOD - D & Ric (with Mattox) and the C Word III

January 31st, 2021

Dianna Fryer makes an appearance for her latest update on her fight with stage 4 colon cancer. This fight has turned into a brawl with a casualty no one wanted to see, her hair. But with that loss comes some good news as her new chemo regimen seems to be kicking some serious cancer ass. Along the way, D shares her holiday family experience and the battle royale over a bowl of cabbage noodles. No one picks that fight. No matter how sick you are, you will always find yourself in the bowl of cabbage noodles. The latest update is here as is the beginnings of the "tumble weaves for D" campaign.  

RMOD - D & Ric and The C Word II (Update) September 2020

September 15th, 2020

Ric calls in D for an update on her situation. It was the 13 September, 2020 when the studio got cleaned for D to come in and spend some long awaited quality time on the air to catch up with all that has been happening with her and to get her caught up with all the doings at Radio Memphis. A couple of phone calls happened as well. One of them being Mattox from The Heavyweight Chumps Radio Show and the other from The Batman (Batty) from the U.K. If you missed the broadcast, here it is commercial free.

RMOD - D & Ric and The “C” Word

March 2nd, 2020

29 February, 2020 Dianna and Ric took to the air in the middle of the day to get the listeners caught up on what is happening around the studio. Also, D explains why she has not been around for the past 4 months. Sometimes, the greatest hurdles we face as a business and a family happen in the most remote and least thought of areas. This is one of those areas. Rest assured, there will be updates as we go along. Also, as things become more clear, we'll be passing that information as well. Please share this to your social media friends and stay tuned. 

RMOD - Keith Sykes

November 21st, 2019

Memphis music royalty came to the Radio Memphis studios on a recent Saturday night for a wonderful little moment with Keith Sykes and some of his stories. Along the way, he played a few songs from his extensive catalog. Over the years, Keith has found himself in some interesting places, writing music with some interesting people and playing those songs on some interesting stages. When you talk Memphis music, you can't leave out the name Keith Sykes. In this special On Demand piece, Keith sat down with Ric Chetter to play a few of the songs and tell the stories that went into the writing of his material and some of the surprising places where his music has shown up over the years.

Lorette Velvette

November 21st, 2019

On October 6, 2019, there was a celebration of the famed Antenna Club. It was quite the Midtown Memphis venue in it's day. Some of the best music in the world was played at that storied spot. The celebration involved the placing of a marker for those to remember what it was like in those days. That weekend, Memphis saw musicians who gathered to celebrate The Antenna Club with special tribute shows at several Midtown venues. One of those was Lorette Velvette who came into the Radio Memphis studios to visit with Ric Chetter about her time on The Antenna Club stage as well as her new LP. New in that this record had not been released but was a compilation of her work with many other Memphis musicians through the years. On this special presentation, you'll hear some cuts off the new LP and some of the stories that bubbled up from that famed stage at The Antenna Club.

RMOD - LMH - 19 September 2019

September 20th, 2019

This edition of The Radio Memphis Live Music Hour is jammed packed!

We kick off the show with LMH friend, Fenton Wright the Vice-President and Executive Director of The Consortium MMT. He'll be here to discuss the latest MMT news.

Next up, we got Justin Coleman promoting his awesome event, Art Unplugged:The Birthday Edition, this Sunday, September 22nd! The list of performers on the line-up makes this something you do NOT want to miss.

Our Featured Artist will be R&B Singer/Songwriter, K Rogers! You're going to love his voice AND his latest single, "All I Need"!

RMOD - B&B - Swing Shift

September 20th, 2019

Swing Shift is Donna Bowers and Wayde Peck. This duo (one of many Donna is in) stays pretty busy. They stopped into the Radio Memphis studios during the Booze & Blues and brought a party. They also brought a rather large choir of voice who helped sing back up on one song you will hear in this episode. Also, you'll hear the stories behind Donna's childhood and her exposure to music at such a young age and you'll hear just how many songs she has written. Wayde brings his guitar stylings to bear on some great performances you will hear in this On Demand feature.

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