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RMOD - LMH - 19 September 2019

September 20th, 2019

This edition of The Radio Memphis Live Music Hour is jammed packed!

We kick off the show with LMH friend, Fenton Wright the Vice-President and Executive Director of The Consortium MMT. He'll be here to discuss the latest MMT news.

Next up, we got Justin Coleman promoting his awesome event, Art Unplugged:The Birthday Edition, this Sunday, September 22nd! The list of performers on the line-up makes this something you do NOT want to miss.

Our Featured Artist will be R&B Singer/Songwriter, K Rogers! You're going to love his voice AND his latest single, "All I Need"!

RMOD - B&B - Swing Shift

September 20th, 2019

Swing Shift is Donna Bowers and Wayde Peck. This duo (one of many Donna is in) stays pretty busy. They stopped into the Radio Memphis studios during the Booze & Blues and brought a party. They also brought a rather large choir of voice who helped sing back up on one song you will hear in this episode. Also, you'll hear the stories behind Donna's childhood and her exposure to music at such a young age and you'll hear just how many songs she has written. Wayde brings his guitar stylings to bear on some great performances you will hear in this On Demand feature.

RMOD - LMH - She Said, Yes

September 20th, 2019

This edition of The Radio Memphis Live Music Hour is supporting a very worthy cause...“Don’t Let Your Song Fade Away “ - A Suicide Awareness Benefit, in honor of Zena Starr, happening This Saturday at Rockhouse Live Memphis (5709 Raleigh Lagrange).

Members of Caging Elliott, Semantic Shift, The Zach Bair Band and Seeking Seven will each perform live in our studio. Also, there will be members from 5 Stories, Harsh, Affliction of the Absent, The Red Mountain, AM Whiskey and One Day West.

Christina Stephens and Paige Johnson, the organizers, will be here to discuss the importance of the event and Mike LeBonte from the Memphis Crisis Center will also be here to discuss Suicide Prevention Month.

Also in this episode, a proposal as it happened live on the air.

RMOD - B&B - Tennessee Redemption

September 20th, 2019

Long time bluesmen Brandon Santini and Jeff Jensen have teamed up for a brand new project. Tennessee Redemption. To celebrate their first CD, they brought the band down to the Radio Memphis studios to play live and to sample some cuts from their brand new disc. Plus, you'll hear tales from the road and what they went through to make this album. Along the way, you'll hear how to get your copy and where you can go to see them live as they launch out on an early fall tour.

RMOD - Mama Honey

September 8th, 2019

Can a punk band play the blues? That is a valid question. How much emotion can you put into a record? These are valid question asked throughout this entire On Demand when Mama Honey came into the studio. Ric Chetter sat with Mam Honey to work out where their source comes from. It's a valid question among many others in this great look at their brand new CD Punk Blues. It comes from pain, understanding and joy and you will hear it all here now. An exclusive at Radio Memphis.

RMOD - The Heavyweight Chumps Announcement (090719)

September 8th, 2019

A brand new show is coming to Radio Memphis in the form of The Heavyweight Chumps. Mattox and Thundercookies are about to invade the airwaves at Radio Memphis with their own form style of pop culture, wrestling and other entertainment news fitting your bill. Taking the place of the self cancelled Gossiping Heifers, these guys are about to bring their take on all things Hollywood, comic books, wrestling and so much more. You know them from their podcast at Mad Fat Loud and now you are going to get them at their radio version happening exclusively at Radio Memphis. It all starts October 1st.

RMOD - Nooner - Paul Crum

September 6th, 2019

Paul Crum is a Memphis singer and songwriter. He also is involved with a really cool event coming up very soon. The Campaign for a Non-violent Memphis is happening. In this On Demand special, Paul stopped into the Radio Memphis broadcast studio to talk about the week long schedule of events and the big kick off featuring 12 Memphis artists performing at The Halloran Center on September 15. To learn more about this event and all the events following the show, you can learn more at their website. Also, you'll learn who the Master of Ceremonies for the show is going to be.




RMOD - B&B RJ Starr

September 6th, 2019

Right between Meridian, Mississippi and Jackson, Mississippi is a little town called Forest, Mississippi. That is where Robert James Starr lives and plays the blues. He goes by Robert, RJ or even Bob. He recorded his new CD, Light A Fire With Me in the Pirate Radio Recording Studios. In this On Demand episode, you'll hear some cuts off that new disc plus you'll here RJ Starr play in studio live on the air as it happened. To get the new disc, just head on over to his website and get the thing. You'll be glad you did.

RMOD - B&B - R.L. Boyce

September 6th, 2019

At the end of August, the Grammy nominated R.L. Boyce brought his guitar and a couple of players into the broadcast studio for a bit of fun. Of course, the music was as special as it always is, but this time, his daughter Sherena Boyce came down as well with the details on the annual R.L. Boyce Picnic. Big fun for sure with a little conversation and several tunes from the band as well.

RMOD - Special Presentation - Alice Hasen & The Blaze

September 5th, 2019

Memphis violinist (fiddle player) Alice Hasen is about to release her first CD. Called Violintro, this is quite a collection of songs. Alice and her band came into the Radio Memphis studios for a very special appearance and listening party. In this On Demand special, you'll hear some selected cuts from the new CD and some live performances in the studio as they happened. Along the way, you'll hear some stories about how the album was made and the enormous amount of work that went into this project. Alice is a talent who thumbed her nose to Nashville just to stay in Memphis and make her music exactly how she wanted to make it. You can go to HERE to get the CD and it is highly recommended you do. 


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