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RMOD - Wisconsin River Meats - Introduction

April 21st, 2019

Radio Memphis is proud to welcome a new sponsor to the station. Wisconsin River Meats. They sent up a sample of their best sellers to try out and Dianna dove right in to that box of meat on the air. With a mouth full of meat D, with a little help from Ric talked about these delicious smoked meats and how the rest of the world can get their hands on the same stuff, with a fantastic discount. On their website, simply enter the word "Memphis" as the coupon code and get $10 off your order.

*Offer valid depending on when this content was consumed. 


RMOD - Eric Deaton - Booze & Blues

April 18th, 2019

North Mississippi Hill Country blues is a real thing. Guys like the Burnsides and Kimbroughs made it happen for the world. Carrying that sound on is Eric Deaton. Eric came into the Radio Memphis studios for an appearance on The Booze & Blues and gave a clinic on how it is supposed to sound. His band brought the noise, the studio brought the beer and the audience brought the ears. Also, Willie Hall was in attendance and passed on a few words of advice along the way. 


RMOD - Dave Lambert - Booze & Blues

April 10th, 2019

Long time friend and soon to be Memphian Dave Lambert brought his guitars and talent into the studio. He also brought a couple of musicians with and formed a brand new band. So new, it doesn't have a name. But that didn't stop Ric from offering several suggestions. Shockingly, none of them seemed to stick. Nevertheless, Dave and his band (Damn Pam & Jeff) have the Memphis groove down pat and there are some great stuff coming from these guys. Including a song written specifically about Radio Memphis of which you will hear in this episode.

You will also hear these guys tear into some fun songs with a couple on the fly and one that was learned in the parking lot. This is the thing with the Memphis sound. It happens when like minded musicians get together with the same purpose.  

RMOD - Booze & Blues - Robert Nighthawk & The Wampus Cats

April 5th, 2019

According to Wikipedia, the Wampus Cat is a "... folkloric creature with supposed shape-shifting powers can trace its roots to Native American folklore of the South Eastern United States." From the experience of those around Radio Memphis, a Wampus Cat is one who performs with Robert Nighthawk Tooms. In this very special episode taken from 31 March, 2019 of The Booze & Blues, The band came to the studio for an evening of performance, stories and talk of their brand new CD Cheating Time. Also, some time was set aside for some kind words for a great friend, John Kilzer. 

RMOD - Eddie Dattel - Booze & Blues

April 3rd, 2019

Eddie Dattel is a songwriter you need to know. Eddie and his crew at Inside Sounds have written a lot of songs. If you are a fan of Daddy Mack, you have already heard a good number of his songs. Between Eddie and Wally Ford, there have been some truly remarkable music in the Memphis scene. Not only has Eddie put together some fantastic songs for others, he has produced a tremendous collection songs called The Other Side of The Sun, which includes the songs The Art of The Deal, Doorman

To see what all Eddie is involved in at Inside Sounds, go HERE

In this episode from The Booze & Blues, Eddie talks about songwriting, working with Wally and the art of recording. Plus a nice tribute to John Kilzer.




MOD - The Delta Project - Booze & Blues (0319)

April 3rd, 2019

Long time friends of Radio Memphis, The Delta Project make one of their most explosive appearances on the air right here. Everytime these guys come around there is this slight hint of danger. Why would that be, you ask? Because of the stories they tell from their experiences playing Beale Street and parts all around the Midsouth. Between getting bit (you'll hear that story) and playing in front of blues royalty (you'll hear that one, too), The Delta Project are here to entertain with their original sound and style. Their songs are all about the ups and the downs of life and the only way to understand them is to hear them.

Of all the clubs on Beale Street featuring real blues music, these guys are the real deal with an electrifying show. Sure, there are several others there that will give you a show, but none of them will give you a musical experience like The Delta Project. 

Each and every time these guys set up on the air, a rare "broadcast party" breaks out and you get a front row seat, right here. 

When Ric says he has bail money set aside for these guys, he's not joking. 


RMOD - The Kudzu Kings - Booze & Blues

April 3rd, 2019

The Kudzu Kings have been laying their music onto Midsouth audiences for awhile now. If you don't know about them, you will in this episode. Two of them (Tate Moore and Dave Woolworth) came into the studio to sit with Ric and Natalie to talk about their music and play a bit. Plus, you'll get to hear some rare and unreleased recordings from selected live performances. 

Along the way, they told some stories and laid down the groove as only The Kudzu Kings can do. Also, you'll hear how this remarkable band have been chosen by the University of Mississippi in Oxford to have their performances archived for future generations to enjoy and how you can find those recordings for free.

Click the link for The Kudzu Kings to learn more.


RMOD - Life On Air - Rob Youells #2 March 2019

April 2nd, 2019

In this  episode, Rob Youells (Musician/ Actor/ Writer/ IFBB Pro Bodybuilder) crash calls Dianna this past Saturday (March 30th) during her live 'Around the World' show because he's excited about what he has been working on in the recording studio. Their conversation takes a twist into discussing Dianna's response to the first few minutes of the Motley Crue film, "The Dirt", which sets the stage for Dianna to learn that Rob has done a lot of readings and had been strongly considered for major films, including "Trainwreck". After losing a part to John Cena, Dianna finds out that Rob is offered a gig through Party City to shoot for their catalog and that when he arrives to the gig, they hand him a "John Cena" costume to model. Rob and Dianna start digging into the back stories of a few incidents that lead them to hilarious conversations about doing comedy and "looking the part". At this point, Dianna even suggests dressing Rob up in wigs to fit the bill. Dianna admits to Rob that she has become a little "homesick" for New York and a piece of pepperoni pizza is the catalyst for her to throw a dart at the calendar after he gets back from touring Europe this summer to maybe come visit. In the end, they both come to the realization that in order to make it in the business, you can't act, you have to be just you. 
When they were first introduced, she thought he was just a drummer and he probably thought she was just an on-air jock. Since then, they have gotten to know each other a little better. Now they find themselves randomly checking in with the other to see what’s going on.  As time progresses on, not only do they share fantastic tips and advice about the entertainment business, Rob and D share more and more of how the industry and their environments impact their personal lives and they wind up talking about Life On Air.
Did you miss their conversation? Listen now to episode 2 right here.  

RMOD - Robert Jon & The Wreck - Around The World

March 23rd, 2019

Around The World comes to Memphis -

Based out of Orange County, California, Robert Jon & the Wreck is an award-winning quintet of seasoned touring veterans that bring fire to the stage through their soaring guitar leads, 3-part harmonies and soul-activating groove. With several albums under their belt... new material in the works, currently rocking through the U.S. with live shows and knocking down the door of a summer European tour, Robert Jon & The Wreck is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

The band was in Memphis for a couple of show dates this weekend and while they were here, they crashed in on Dianna during the Around The World show to catch up and talk about meeting Memphis, their musical backgrounds and where their career hopefully goes.  They even share an incredible acoustic version of their single "Old Friend" live on-air along with details about their new album Take Me Higher that's dropping MAY 11th, 2019.

Did you miss this? Listen now right here.

RMOD - Nathaniel Land - Around The World

March 17th, 2019

“I am thrilled to be releasing Black Blue Sky with 6 new original songs and compositions. Expressing my love for rock as well as acoustic songwriting, I give these songs generously with the intent they make a difference for people. Listening to a great song should make the great times we experience more joyous and exciting, the harder times more bearable filled with self-compassion. I want to thank my long-time producer Chris Cubeta and co-Producer Gary Atturio at Studio G in Williamsburg, NYC. They did extraordinary work in getting these songs recorded and ready for the world!” ~ Nathaniel Land 
Land’s talents definitely come from a musical family – including being related to the Grateful Dead lore. After years performing and being a studio guitarist, Nathaniel stepped out to further develop his songwriting skills under the guidance of Nashville's country-music-songwriting legend Hugh Prestwood, who has had artists, such as, Judy Collins, Randy Travis, Alison Krauss, Collin Raye, Shenandoah, Highway 101, Barbara Mandrell, Trisha Yearwood, Kathy Mattea, Jimmy Buffett and more record his songs.
Nathaniel Land checked in with Dianna for a live phone interview from New York this past Saturday (March 16th) to talk about his latest album release "Black Blue Sky" and where his songwriting styles and influences came from.... as well as... what inspirations encouraged him into some of his philanthropic work he does with special organizations that include the Amani Children's Home in Karanga, Tanzania.
Did you miss their conversation? Listen now right here.
*photo of Nathaniel Land compliments of artist's social media profiles and/or web pages.

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